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Sometimes things interrupt the plans we make for ourselves.  Life gives us a detour, so to speak.

I was reminded of this again just this week, as I experienced a freak accident that resulted in second degree (and a tiny third degree) burns to two of my fingers on my right hand.  Of course, my immediate concern as I witnessed my fingers blister, swell, and draw up was for my hand and for my ability to play the guitar.  But as I sat in the emergency room, watching those around me - strangers, yet my kin in Christ - I was reminded that God is present in all things.  My self-proclaimed "mantra" song Ordinary Things came into my head, and I began to listen to how God might be calling me to minister to those around me, and to be open to how God might be using that very moment to minister to me.

I met some wonderful folks in the ER that night, and even interacted with a medical technician who is connected in the Nashville music scene and who expressed an interest in helping expand this music ministry.  For Jennifer and Gary and Bryan and Jerry, I am grateful for your care.  And for those whose eyes and bodies I saw worn with pain and fatigue, I continue to pray for your wholeness and health.

Let us all pray for each other.  We are but one community in Christ.

Wishing you much joy and peace in our Lord and Savior, the newborn babe, Emmanuel.

Yours in Christ,  



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