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As quickly as time seems to be flying by, I would think it would make some type of hurricane-force whooshing noise as it races past me, leaving me sitting stupefied and in total astonishment.  Okay, so I'm all about the hyperbole at the moment, but I just wanted to be certain to adequately convey the intensity behind the "my gosh!" that I uttered upon realizing that I haven't written a musing in over two months.


I'd ponder aloud (or on paper, or computer screen) as to "where does the time go" but I already can speculate on the answer.  For example, today, I thought I'd take great advantage of Cadee's "long" nap to erect and decorate my Christmas tree.  Now, this is not the live family tree that we selected from the Noon Optimist's lot last week when it was 82 degrees outside, but an artificial tree that I purchased back in the day when I was single and owned my own home and wanted to make it festive for the dog and me and whoever stopped by to partake of some soynog. 


Because I hate stringing lights (doesn't everyone?), my friend and I painstakingly wrapped lights throughout each section of the tree during its inaugural trimming so that this lovely fake fir would thereeverafter (or until a bulb blew) be known as a pre-lit tree.  Future holidays would be much simpler (in theory) because all I'd need to do is take the tree parts out of the box, erect them in the appropriate order, plug in, and start hanging ornaments.  In theory.


I realized today that, since its inaugural trimming, I've not erected the tree . . . only decorated it after someone else set it up for me.  So, an hour and twenty minutes into Cadee's long nap, I'm still trying to figure out which plugs on the light strings should be connected to the extension cord and into the outlet to light the tree.  Sometimes, the top would be lit, or the middle, or the bottom.  But I couldn't quite figure out how to get all the lights on at the same time.  Absolutely MADDENING!  I kept muttering something to myself about my various higher education degrees and men on the moon, but it ultimately took my taking a break (and, admittedly, sketching out the three tree sections and various parts of plugs) to wrap my head around it.  Its now proudly lit, but decorating must be saved for another day, another long nap.


My friend said she would have quit after about 10 minutes and decided not to have lights on the tree.  She couldn't believe I wrangled with it as long as I did.  Don't know why I did.  Stubbornness?  Tenacity?  The desire to prove to myself that my mind still has room for adult-level thought amidst the melody and lyrics to the Elmo's World theme?  An attempt to gain control and authority over something, anything, in this whirlwind life?


It's hard to slow down, or step away and get the big picture sometimes.  Okay, a lot of times.  And especially during the time of Advent.  Who has time to wait expectantly for Jesus when we've got houses to decorate, presents to buy, cantatas to sing, year-end deals to wrap up, children with winter colds, holiday baking to do and deliver, Christmas cards to address and mail, long travel lines to wait in?  The list of what gets in the way can be stifling.  Maybe I need to step back and draw another quick sketch . . . this time of the manger, or the star, or the cross.  Sometimes we all can use a little reminder.


Grace and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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