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"So, it's been a year since I started these online ramblings.  And what a year!  Let me start by saying how grateful I am to each of you who read, and who listen, and who support this ministry by sharing my stories and my music with others.  Every once in a while someone will shoot me an e-mail or toss a note in the mail sharing with me how something in my music has touched a spot in his or her life.  I am humbled by these messages, for they are so personal and intimate.  Thank you for being willing to share your thoughts with me.


This Fall has been a truly amazing time.  My first attempt at touring left me totally exhausted, but invigorated at the same time.  I have so enjoyed making new acquaintances throughout Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  The Body of Christ is such a beautiful thing to behold, and I have been blessed to have witnessed a portion of it, expanding across three states and thousands of miles.


And then I returned home in time to witness the transformation from earthly life to eternal life.  The day I arrived to my parents' home - a stop over before returning to Austin - my grandmother elected to cease her kidney dialysis.  Even in my days of practicing estate planning and probate law, I've never before had an experience like this.  I sat on the edge of her bed and together we planned her memorial service. . . choosing scripture and song.  We picked out the outfit she wished to be buried in.  She gave me a list of names of people to call that she wanted to say a personal goodbye to before she slipped into the coma that would be induced by the toxins building up in her system.  Her pastor came to the house, and we celebrated a final communion together as a family in one of the most touching and intimate worship experiences I can remember.  We laughed and cried.  And I saw a peace on her face like I'd never seen before.  As I write, Grandma is in a coma.  We're looking at a matter of hours.  Grandma told me how excited she is to meet her Maker, and to be reunited with my grandfather and with their children who died at birth.  And, though I'm weary and bone tired, I am at peace.  God is in control, and in that, I find deep peace.


I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and I wish for you that peace that passes all understanding.

Grace and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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