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I've just returned from the first leg of a tour.  Two weeks on the road that turned out to be much more invigorating than exhausting.  This leg of the tour took me to a variety of locations in central coastal Texas.  I cannot begin to express the impact on my spiritual life this experience has had.


A worshipper at one of my concerts commented to me that I have quite the story.  My response to her is what I believe is true:  My story is unique only in that it is about my life.  But the story itself is not unique.  We all have a story to tell.  The story of our lives.  The story of our faith journeys.  The ups.  The downs.  Those times when we feel most distant from our Creator, and those times when we feel that we are sitting firmly in His hand.


I think the most overwhelming result of these past two weeks is the sense of connectedness I felt to folks wherever I traveled and what I perceived to be their connectedness to me.  The Body of Christ becomes so much more beautifully evident when we move beyond our own familiar walls and surroundings and venture into the homes and communities and churches of others.  We truly are one body in Christ.


There are so many stories from the road that I am hesitant to choose one to recite here.  But this was so touching to me that I feel compelled to share it.  After a concert, a young woman approached me and introduced herself.  She told me that she accepted Christ and became a Christian eight months ago.  That comment alone moved me, because I, perhaps like you, have been raised in the church since my birth.  But she went on to share with me a small, hand made pocket cross.  This cross and its accompanying printed prayer were given to her on that momentous day eight months ago and she has carried it on her person ever since... frequently placing her hand in her pocket to be reminded Whose she is, especially in her challenging moments.  As she removed the cross and prayer from her pocket, she said, "I hope you will accept this as my offering of support for your ministry."  When I questioned whether she was really ready to part with this faith reminder, so well worn, that had become almost a part of her person, she commented that she thought my journeys to come may be more challenging than what she has to face.  I am humbled and honored by this gesture of love.

Grace and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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