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As the saying goes, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone."  Sometimes I'm given subtle reminders of that.  And sometimes, those reminders forgo subtlety, and instead come screaming in on me with arms flailing and fangs gleaming.


The reminder this time?  That peace is not something to take for granted. 


This past weekend, just after my husband and I retired for the evening, an almost-intruder persistently tried to enter our bedroom through several means of access.  Thankfully, he was unsuccessful, and the police were quick to arrive.  But, nonetheless, our sense of security in our home vanished in an instant.  Our sleep was fitful, as we lay awake at times wondering if our unwelcome guest would return, wondering why someone would be so bold as to try and enter a most-likely-occupied premises (based on the cars in the driveway and the lights on in our bedroom), thinking through the scenarios as they could have played themselves out had this trespasser been successful in his attempts to enter our abode.  Yes, I found myself yearning for that sense of sanctuary we had created for ourselves in our room.  It had been our little place to escape the worries of the world.  And now the world has invaded.


Even in the midst of sorting through the emotions that stem from this frightening event, I am reminded how blessed I am.  Many of our brothers and sisters have no sanctuary.  Their sense of security has been robbed by domestic violence, neighborhood gang activity, warring nations, even Nature's fury.  Many have no place to feel safe.  While my husband and I have undertaken some extra security measures to make it more difficult for another intrusion, the circumstances of much of our family of faith don't present options to make their lives safer.  Given how concerned my family and friends became for my well-being after the almost-home-invasion, I wonder why aren't we, as a faith family, so disturbed by this global lack of sanctuary that we are moved to find ways to stop the intrusions into peacefulness?


Maybe we are disturbed, but we just don't know where to begin to help.  If we start anywhere, we could start with prayer, and with being open and listening for God to speak His wisdom to us.  And it will come.  The wisdom will come, and we will be directed to the next step.


That evening, after the police had left our home and we remained there, uneasy and insecure, my husband asked how he might comfort me so that I might find rest.  On my urging, he read to me from Scripture, and there I found my settled rest.


Grace and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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