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I've just finished a phone conversation with my friend Cheryl.  She lives now in California, and we are lucky to set eyes upon each other briefly every 3 years or so.  But, thanks to instant messaging on the Internet and free national long distance on our cell phones, we're able to stay in touch across the miles.


Here's some fun background: I met Cheryl in college at Texas Christian University.  We both began as music majors and found ourselves in many of the same classes and campus activities.  By our junior year, we were fast friends and offered a joint voice recital that Spring.  It wasn't until we shared our bios with each other that we made an historical connection.  Cheryl and her family were active in a church in Virginia where I attended as an infant.  My godparents were youth sponsors of Cheryl's brother.  When her family moved to Texas some 8-10 years after my family had, she ended up in a neighboring city, later attending a rival high school, living a life eerily parallel to mine. We lost touch after college and, unbeknownst to each other at the time, we selected the same slate of law schools, although attending different ones a few years apart.  At one point, our respective firms were moments away from merging into one.


One of the many things I treasure about Cheryl is how easy she is to talk to.  She's an excellent listener who really seems to know me, and remembers things about my life that even I have nearly forgotten.  And she'll also lovingly tell me what she observes about me without passing judgment.  No matter the geographic distance, nor how much time passes between our communications, our conversations are easy, comfortable, and uplifting.  Cheryl is truly my friend.  How blessed I am!


I've learned over time that God's relationship to me is that of true friend.  As a man who walked the earth, Jesus has lived a parallel life to me, experiencing the same emotions and interactions as I.  As the Holy Spirit abiding within me, he lives through my experiences with me.  As the God who created me, he really does know me and will never pass judgment on me.  No matter how much time passes between my communications with God through prayer and stillness, through music and nature, through Scripture and Christian fellowship, I know that the line is always open.  God is waiting for me always to call upon him.  And when I do, I find ease, and comfort.  I am uplifted.  Oh, how blessed I am!  How blessed you are!

Grace and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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