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I have just realized that my last Musing was six weeks ago. Thanks for your patience.  It's been a busy time. 

Yesterday, as I sat with my mentor and friend, Nancy to plan a couple of worship services, we remarked to each other how amazed and awestruck we both become when we recognize the mastery of God's hand at work in our lives.   The excitement grew as what each of us brought to the table somehow expanded into a theme of worship and study that had a cohesiveness beyond what either of us could have dreamed up or intended.  We questioned why it surprises us over and over again, each time we discern that God is present in our very activity.  Then we laughed about how silly - and almost childlike - that sense of surprise makes us feel. 

But isn't that really it?  This sense of childlike naiveté that, in the midst of the wonderment of God, causes us to giggle with delight and acceptance, rather than respond with fear or skepticism of things inexplicable - isn't this the joyful response God seeks from his children?

My niece Emily (who is 8) recently sent me some lyrics.  I haven't yet figured out how I might work them into a song, but I'd be remiss not to share them with you.  I took delight in every detail, from her meticulously printed letters on the envelope; to the strip of paper that she had precisely cut so it  greeted me as I opened the envelope, reading "here you go: this is the lyRics"; to the words themselves.  Here they are:

Song 1:

"It's church time today

And we got to go.

So Let's Just go.

We will have tons of fun.

We will sing.  And say prayers.

So It's church time today

And we got to go.

And Just to know

it's Sunday.

So It's church time. I know

I love church."


Song 2:


"It's a wonderful day

then we can go to church.

We can read in a bible

we can say our prayers

we give money

so it's a wonderful day

then we can go to church

and after you can play.


So It's church time today.

We can go play.

After church we can play."


God continues to enlighten me (and I am confident, you, too) with images of his kingdom and how we are called to enter it.  As the giggling, wonder-filled, celebrant children that we are.

Blessings and peace to you.

Yours in Christ,  



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