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I like to watch movies.  And the really good ones, I like to watch more than once because I am able to see different things than I saw before.  I guess our eyes and brain can only process so many images in a given second.  And so it goes with the Bible, too.  Each time I read a passage I've read before, something different becomes the focal point for me.

Today's lesson in my daily Bible reading included the story of Gideon in Chapter 6 of the book of Judges.  Sure, I'm familiar with Gideon's trumpet, but, I'd forgotten about how much Gideon was like me.  You see, he kept asking God for assurances that God was really going to be there to support him.  Discerning and following God's distinctive calling for each of us is often scary work.  But, as we see with Gideon, God is faithful to us - always.

We're at the point in the story when all the original Israelites who journeyed through the desert and battled to gain the land promised them by God are dead.  Moses is dead.  Joshua is dead.  And the people start to do things that are contrary to God's wishes for them.  So, in an effort to allow the Israelites to redeem themselves in God's favor, God brings up a series of judges, to help set the people back on the straight and narrow.

And now we meet Gideon, a young Israelite who feels abandoned by God in the midst of the hardships the Israelites are facing.  Gideon is approached by an angel, who calls him "mighty warrior" and tells him that God is with him.  But Gideon doubts this.  Then God commands Gideon to save Israel.  In disbelief, Gideon says (my paraphrase) "me?  Wimpy me? How can I possibly do something so grand?"  God, ever faithful, says he'll be with Gideon all along the way.  But Gideon doubts this, too.  He needs a sign to confirm that this is really God.  And God provides the sign.  But Gideon doubts this again.  He asks God for another sign.  And God provides it.  But Gideon doubts this again, too.  He asks God for yet a third sign.  And God provides it.  Wow.  Uncertain little fellow, isn't he?  Or maybe he was trying to get out of the task God asked him to do.  Or maybe he was afraid because he was trapped within his own personal limitations (i.e., I'm small; I'm weak; I'm wimpy).

In God, we have no limitations.  No limitations.  God is patient with us and will wait with us through our doubts, just as he did with Gideon.  God will give us discernment of his plan for each of us through signs and assurances, if that's what we're needing.  Be assured, friends, that you are never alone on this journey.

Blessings and peace to you.

Yours in Christ,  



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