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Ever have one of those moments where everything seems to come together in one of those magnificent awakenings, and you find yourself overwhelmed with emotion?  One of those moments where something you knew all along suddenly became new to you, like you heard it for the first time?

Thankfully, I am in the midst of such a moment, and what wonderful timing it is.  Today is Palm Sunday - the day we celebrate the triumphal entry of our Lord and Savior into a community that would fulfill all prophesy-- more aptly, would fulfill God's plan-- by sending Jesus to death on the Cross. . . for us.  Whoa.  Heady stuff.  But has your heart really grasped the magnitude of this?

The makings of my moment:

First, this morning as I scurried around the house getting ready for church, I listened to a local pastor's message on television as he recited a story told by Garrison Keillor.  (Okay, so in the legal world from which I am coming, this would be double, if not triple, hearsay.  But bear with me.)  Keillor apparently shared with his listeners once of his family's Thanksgiving Day traditions, which includes a rather large family gathering around the table to state their blessings.  Prior to supper, tradition holds that Keillor's uncle prays, and always, the uncle thanks God for the Cross, and then proceeds to break down crying, because, as Keillor puts it, his uncle has never really gotten over the Cross.  Think on that as I share this:

Second, while in worship today, the pastor's sermon just got me to the core.  See, he emphatically reminded me that these eight days we are entering-- Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday-- are the most important days of the year, ever.  Throughout past and present and future, this week was, is, and will be the most significant week in our lives each year.  Without the Cross, without the Resurrection, I have no identity; there is no real life; there is no Church.  And with this, the moment was made.

My prayer for you and for me this week, next week, the next week after that. . . is that we may never, ever, get over the Cross.

Blessings and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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