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I just had to do it again. I think I just did it a couple of days ago.

I sat down at my computer to do some work and noticed that the mouse had gunk on it. And the fuzzy spot I thought was on my contact blurring my vision turned out to be a chubby finger print on my monitor. Yes, my almost-3-year-old has been on my computer again and she left the dirt and smudges behind for me to clean up.

Yesterday, I spent a good hour or so cleaning out the inside of my car. First I collected all the trash, consisting mostly of drained juice boxes and Gerber snack wrappers. Next I used my fingernails to scrape up melted and squished raisins from the floor mats. Then I removed the car seat to collect all the stray Cheerios. Finally, I vacuumed EVERYTHING, and was simply amazed by how much playground wood fiber mulch ends up in my car. I even removed the car seat cover and washed it. Ah.... a dazzling moment of cleanliness and orderliness in my vehicle. (Yes, I'm a realist to some extent. I did say "moment," as I know it won't last much beyond that.)

And now, as I stare at toys and games pieces strewn around the floor, stuffed animals who have escaped from their corraling bins, and beautiful tot-sized handprints on the door of the oven, I fully declare that having a clean and unblemished household with a child is next to impossible. But I wouldn't trade it for anything because I love that child like no other love I know.

Now, that gets me thinking how grateful I am that we are called "children of God." Think about it. When I ponder the messes we make of our lives or the messes we leave behind, I wonder if God gets a bit tired of pulling out the Windex to wipe away the smudges we've left. We sully the environment and harm this beautiful and life-sustaining planet He created for us. We think and voice unfavorable thoughts of others. We gossip. We treat others unjustly. We get jealous. We assume our successes are self-made. We blame our misfortunes on others, or worse, on God. We don't treat our bodies as temples for God to reside. Or we worship our bodies as if they are temples. We think we know the best way to do anything.

I guess God did get tired once, when He sent the great flood to wash away all the mess. But, thankfully, He still loved His creation enough to save humankind and the animals through the faithful Noah. And more, He gave us the rainbow as a covenant that never again will He destroy in this way. And, even more than that, He sent His son to teach us how to live and how to die, so that we might live in God's glory forever.

Because even though we create mess upon mess, God wouldn't trade us for anything, because He loves us like no other love that we could possibly ever know.

Grace and peace to you as you journey.

Yours in Christ,  



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